Move to France to run your business

A step-by-step formula to overcome the bureaucracy 

and enjoy your French life

Tired of spending hours researching how to move to France?

You are looking for reliable information matching your situation?

And you have already spent hours searching on the web to find the right visa and process to move to France and run your (future) business or freelance?

You are Dreaming of living in france?

but you are not sure what steps to take

Don't know where to start

as a (future) entrepreneur in France

Feeling trapped?

in your comfort zone

Feeling overwhelmed

by the misleading or incomplete information you could find?

Need clarity

to understand the French administrative jargon and requirements

Fear to choose the wrong visa?

and being unable to move to France

This is totally normal!

I’ve tried for many years to move to Brazil, my dream country and I failed the first time. So I know how you are feeling!

French bureaucracy for everything

The French bureaucracy is unavoidable when it comes to settling in France.

Lack of information in english

The French administration doesn’t provide customer service. It is not even about getting good service...and even less in English!

French administration struggle

There are specific ways to address the French administration to have successful outcomes that no one explains

Avoid the most common mistakes

There are frequent mistakes to avoid to get your visa refused that are even more mysterious

beware of the misinformation

Of course, you will find information on forums, social media often given by other expats that have been through the “same” process.
But this is a false solution for three reasons:

Their personal experience often doesn’t match your situation.

There is a lot of misinformation and outdated information not based on the French up to date laws in force.

You will get contradictory information and will be even more lost than before.

The French administration can be fearful!

There has been a total of 12,757 long-stay visa refusals in 2019 you don’t want to be a part of.

And if your visa is rejected, your visa fee (including the booking fees and mail fees) of about €150 per person will be lost if your visa is rejected!  

And this is without counting the certified translations you may have undertaken and the healthcare insurance cost you bought!

A visa refusal can cost you a lot of money (and sanity)!


Source: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – DGEF – Sous-direction des Visas

To avoid being part of these 12,757 visas rejected,

you need to have a plan

and it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly complicated!

I’ve been there too!

Back in 2013, I had the project to move to BrazilI had my mind and my heart set on Brazil! 

It was my dream and I had a plan!  

At the time I was living in the UK and working as a Global Mobility expert working for a large American company. I was moving people overseas for a living so I know the challenges!

I even had job interviews in Brazil with my intermediate Portuguese language level!

A challenge! But… it didn’t happen… I was crushed… 

And the main reason why is that the employers couldn’t (or didn’t want to) go through the heavy Brazilian red tape! Sounds familiar?

So I gave up on my dream! Silly mistake

(and it took me years to decide to find another way to move to Brazil and this time successfully!)

But YOU don’t have to give up on your dreams!

Here is what you need, to make your dream come true:

Enough of endless internet research bringing more confusion than reliable solutions! 

There is not just one way to come and run a business in France and choosing the wrong one, may have unforeseen consequences.

So I’ve created something new that will bring you much more than all your research.

(It is the course I wish I’d found to move to Brazil the first time!)

I will share with you a Formula, a real method for you to organise your entire move to France

With this Formula, you will be able to choose the right French entrepreneurial visa, submit your best application possible, and give the keys to the main administrative processes you need to go through once arrived in France. 

And all of this is based on your situation, your budget and your needs. Because once you assimilate the Formula, it becomes almost easy to adapt it to your needs.

I give you my recipe for you to gain confidence to manage your international move to France.

This Formula is the result of my own experience as a serial expatriate in 6 different countries and also my 12 years of professional experience assisting expats from all over the world.

(PLUS my insider knowledge of the French administration and how they think.)

“A dream without a plan is just a wish”

The France Formula will:

Save you hours of useless and frustrating Google searches

Hundred euros saved in wrong administrative processes initiated and avoid missed opportunities

The confidence in your actions to move to France

Peace of mind

Now, here is how you can stop losing time, with the France Formula

Step 1: Set yourself for a successful expatriation

After taking the first section of the France Formula course, with simple guidance you will have a clear idea of where to start, you will create your move to France customized blueprint and know what will be the next steps to make your move happen. 

I will give you my action plan so that you will be able to adapt to your reality. You will:

Confirm your expat mindset (essential for a successful experience)

Set up your saving budget

Prepare a clear projection of your overall relocation cost

Identify your relocation timeline with your customized blueprint

Decide where you want to live in France and run your business

Step 2: Get the French immigration right

French bureaucracy and more specifically French immigration can be fearful. I will give you insight into how the French administration thinks and will tell you the most common mistakes that lead to visa refusals. After taking this course you will:

Understand what is expected of you and how to present your most successful visa application request file.

Identify which of the 4 entrepreneurial visas is appropriate to your situation between:

The Profession Libérale / Entrepreneur visa

The Talent-Passport Entrepreneur visa

The Talent-Passport Innovative Business Project visa

The Talent-Passport Artistic Profession visa

Prepare your best visa request file with detailed guidance for each entrepreneur visa (including a provided business plan framework)

Know what to expect and how to prepare yourself for your visa request interview

Avoid the most common mistakes done by expats leading to visa refusals

Step 3: Nail the relocation logistics

There is so much to consider in an international move that it can get overwhelming. 

With this anticipated relocation plan, you will gain calm and confidence that you can organise this move to your new French life. After taking this course, you will:

Tidy up your home country life and won’t forget any essential relocation-related documents or processes.

Have your action plan ready

Anticipate the French bureaucracy and prepare the vital documents you will need in France for your coming administrative processes.

Step 4: Have a family-friendly move to France

An international move with a family can sometimes be more stressful as we want to make it the best experience for our children. Children have amazing adaptability skills, however there are several elements that you need to take into account and anticipate to make it the best possible experience for them. With this course, you will:

Know how to request your children’s visa and the necessary immigration procedure once arrived

Know what are your children's schooling options in France

Understand the French schooling system and how to register your child into a French public school

Understand your childcare options

Step 5: Welcome to France!

Congratulations! You got your visa and made it to France! Bienvenue!

This is an important milestone, however, there are still a few you need to nail to make France feel like home. This second part of this course will give you the keys to making France your new home. After taking this section of the course you will:

Know the expat traps and tips to find your new home (especially without a French permanent contract)

Understand how the French rental market works

Put together your best rental application for success

Go through all the necessary immigration processes on arrival

Understand your visa / residence permit rights and obligations

Open a French bank account (personal and/or professional), with special tips if you get rejected

A step-by-step guide to register with French healthcare - yourself and your family (with CPAM)

Know which are the compulsory insurances you need to contract and how to choose them.

Understand the main steps you need to go through and the possible assistance you can get as an entrepreneur in France.

Step 6: Enjoy your French life

You are done with your arrival French red tape, and you can start enjoying the French life you have been dreaming about for so long! However, you still feel awkward or uncomfortable in your day-to-day life. In this section you will:

Get my personal and professional tips to help you going through the expat roller-coaster of the integration journey

Receive my tips and free resources to improve your French to help you in your social and professional integration

Get my French insider tips on how the French think and behave to help you navigate the Frenchness

Receive my recipe for building your support system abroad

Step 7: Your pathway to French citizenship!

Step-by-step you are making France your new home. And you want to have the option to stay longer if you want to. The long-term residency or the French Passport are two options available for you. If this is your wish, there is a way to do it. After taking this course, you will:

Know the mistakes to avoid if you want to stay in France long-term

Know how to prepare your visa/permit renewal request file with detailed guidance for each entrepreneur visa

Have clarity on your long term plan that will help you stay in France long-term.

Meet Guiga, your Move to France coach

I’m Guiga (my name is actually Guillemette, but very complicated for most people – even the French!)

I’m a French serial expat from Lyon. I have lived in 6 different countries so far: Ireland, Argentina, Luxembourg, the UK, Spain and Brazil. I have also helped 3,152 expats from all over the world to move abroad during my 12 years as a Global Mobility professional. 

Now I want to share my experience, my personal and professional experience, with adventurers like YOU who don’t get the golden expat package from large corporations! 

I will share with you all my knowledge about moving abroad and I’ll give you the real France, from a French women perspective who lived the expat ups and downs.

Mademoiselle Guiga


Ivan, Colombia/USA

Marilia, Brazil

Fletcher, USA

In short, the France Formula is:


Easily actionable

A confidence gain

The French Formula is for you if:

You need support

The right one - and you don’t know where to get it

You don’t know where to start prepare yourself (timeline? budget? French bureaucracy pitfalls ?!?!)

You are determined to move to France

You decided to invest in yourself and your long-time dream

You can’t wait to prepare yourself

You are prepared to put on the work to get ready mentally, financially and logistically

I’m here because I want to get you to France...
I want you to have this new life you’ve been longing for.

For the last 12 years, I’ve been helping people from all over the world to relocate overseas. 

But at this point, after teaching my formula for so long… I know the questions people tend to have… and that’s what the video on this page is about.

You might wonder about whether the France Formula would work for you.

Or maybe you’re planning to move in 2022… and you’re wondering if it is not too soon to tackle the big move.

Or maybe you don’t have a business yet or are self-employed or freelance, and you’re wondering how the four entrepreneur visas of this course would apply.

Or you might be an artist or an author, and wondering if this formula could work for you.

France Formula works in every single one of those scenarios as long as you won’t be a salaried worker. And anticipating the move is more than recommended.

France Formula isn't theory. It's a practical path.

Now let me be clear – this isn’t “get to France quick”… and it takes work… but it’s a working formula.

By now you might be wondering… how does this work? How does this training programme actually get you results? What’s involved?

This is a full out training course that includes online training, Q&A sessions, and a community to support you. 

I’m going to take you step by step through your move to France (and then way beyond)…

I’ve broken up the training portion into individual modules where I will walk you through all the steps to plan and execute your move to France. I release half a module every Friday and we go through one module every two weeks. There are seven modules in total.

And if you have scheduling issues and fall behind, you can always work at your own pace and catch up later. All the material is there if you need to take a break.

France Formula is designed to meet you where you’re at, and get you moving forward as fast as humanly possible.

After the programme is over, you’ll still have access to the training. So you’ll be able to go back over the material whenever you want… for at least 18 full months. That means you can go through the training as often as you like… at your own convenience.

You’ll use my templates to plan and execute your move to France.

This is where everything comes together… you’ve got your visa, but how to validate it once in France? How much will it cost, where to go, how to make the appointments?

How much will you need to save before making the move? How much will be your living costs in France?

When to register your French business? How to register the French healthcare as a business owner or a freelance? And what about your spouse and children?

What documents should you be sending to the French healthcare and the social security contributor? And how much social contributions should you be paying in France?

And what are the TWO requests that you have to send … that could increase your healthcare reimbursement by 40%?

I’ll show you all of that in France Formula.

And that’s just some of the things I’ll show you in the seven modules… and it really just scratches the surface.

Here’s the bottom line.

After what we’ve covered, you're going to come out the other end settled in France.

You’ll have your entire plan, from the start of the visa request a savings plan all the way to your first visa renewal after one year in France… including letter templates you’ll send to the French administrations, your relocation timing – everything.

But that’s not enough. I want to take you beyond just a plan – and right into action. So I’m going to give you my own relocation plan that you’re free to adapt and use for your move.

This is the move-tested plan – I’ve moved six times, and it works… and it’s available for you to repurpose. 

And then comes the part that takes France Formula to a different level.  That’s our monthly Q&A sessions with me… when I answer your questions. 

This is when you get your move nailed and I keep you from getting stuck.

Finally, we’ll welcome you into the France Formula community. This is where you can connect with the other France Formula Insiders… ask questions… and get feedback and share experiences.

The France Formula community is where you can celebrate your victories, and also get an encouraging word when you need it.

Bottom line – you are never alone. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. 

And one more thing. You’ll have access to the programme for 18 months including the updates – after that, if you wish, you can keep access for a very small yearly maintenance fee… so it’s almost like having lifetime access.

And there is more!

(for the first 10 people registerING ONLY)*

One-hour one-to-one consultation (value of €127)
FREE with me




with me


to share your experience with fellow expats

* Available after the 30-day guarantee explained below

If this feels like an amazing offer… it is.

And if it feels like I’m working hard to enroll you, I am…

I’m trying to enroll you in YOURSELF.

I’m trying to enroll you in a vision of a bigger future for yourself… a future with more freedom and security. A future where you can live an international life and also grow your potential.

So by now, you’re probably wondering how much France Formula costs.

Well, the reality is that France Formula is an investment… an investment in yourself and your future.

It’s about giving you the freedom, security, and lifestyle that you want.

Of course… ALL investments have risks. EXCEPT THIS ONE. There are two ways this investment can go for you.

Here’s the first scenario: you put France Formula to work and crush it with your move to France… and in that case, you’re probably going to need a calculator to figure out how much a new life is worth.

The second scenario goes like this… you just don’t do anything with the material, or you get distracted, or it’s just not your thing. That’s OK… I get it.

In this case, just take advantage of my 30-day guarantee… and just send me an email and we’ll get you a refund right away. No hard feelings.

So to get started, the investment is €297 to reserve your spot.

Remember, your investment is covered by my 30-day guarantee – you have a full 30 days… from the start of the programme this coming Friday… to see if the programme is right for you. If you decide that it isn’t by the end of the 30 days, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your money. No issues.

So go ahead and click the pink button below and join me in the France Formula training course.

One thing I need to mention…

This is a limited-time offer.


This works just like a college class — and the class starts on October 1st. 

So registration closes on Thursday, September 30th at midnight Paris time.  

After that, we’ll close down registration and start the class. 


If you want to get in, then you need to act quickly… because the registration window is about to close.


Join me in France Formula and let’s get you to France. Click the pink button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I plan to move next year?

No problem.
Anticipation is actually recommended when it comes to planning an international move. Six months before is a good target, but it can be sooner. Four or five months before could do too but with the extra stress involved.
You will have plenty of time to plan your move as you have access to the course for 18 months.
After that, if you wish to keep access to the course with the support and updates, a low fee annual membership will be offered.

Is there a guarantee my visa will be approved with this course?

No one can give this guarantee, and I wouldn’t trust any professional that certifies a visa will be granted after a course or a lawyer consultation. Only the consulate has the power to approve or reject a request file and the reason is sometimes out of our control.
The approval of a visa request can sometimes go beyond the quality of the visa application and have more to do with politics.

This course will give you the tools and reassurance for you to prepare the best visa application file according to your situation.

I want to run my current business in France, does this course apply to me?

Yes. The Profession Libérale visa allows one to run a non-French business in France.

This course will give you the visa request process and all the relocation related tools for your move as an entrepreneur.

I want to run my current business in France, does this course apply to me?

Yes. The Profession Libérale visa allows one to run a non-French business in France (as long as you pay social contributions and taxes in France).
This course will give you the visa request process and all the relocation related tools for your move as an entrepreneur.

What nationality is the France Formula for entrepreneurs for?

This course is for all nationalities and was more specifically prepared for non-EU nationals (including British citizens).

However, it is important to take into account that a few countries have bilateral agreements with France that will have specific visa requirements and/or quotas. Before purchasing this course, be aware that the specificities of the bilateral agreement ARE NOT detailed in the course.
Bilateral agreements apply to nationals of the Maghreb states and some sub-Saharan African states.

Does the course apply to EU citizens?

Yes, this course can apply to European nationals. All the essential processes you will have to undertake in France are covered.
Two of the five modules won't be needed for you since they are about the visa request and the visa renewal. However, all the rest applies.

Is business advice included in the course?

I'm not a business consultant neither an accountant.
I will give general information about the micro-entrepreneur status and other company structures with the applicable social contribution levels.
However, as a business owner, it is essential that you get specific advice regarding your French company set-up.


All information posted, as well as the answers on the Facebook group or during the masterclasses and this course, is merely for educational and informational purposes. This information does not engage Expat in France or its owner’s responsibility. Also, it cannot be considered as legal consultation or legal advice, which the Client expressly accepts. 



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