What if you could get clarity on 

how to organise your move to France?

You have already spent endless hours researching how you can move to France (or stay in France).

Which is the best visa, the requirements, the steps to go through…

You are overwhelmed by information.

You feel that you are back to square one with no real solution. 

And you don’t know where to start.

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.

You may not know about me that besides being a Relocation expert as my day job for about 12 years now, I’m also a French serial expat and I have dreamt of moving to… Brazil for years.

I have been there many times on vacation and I even had job interviews in Rio and São Paulo… 

But I always got the same answers: 

“We are interested in your application but we do not sponsor visas!”, or worse “Why don’t you marry my cousin to get the spouse visa?” (Welcome to Brazil!)

At that time, I wanted to move to Brazil with the GOLDEN PASS. I wanted to find a job that would allow me to have a Salaried visa. 

And this visa is as hard to get in Brazil as it is… in France!

So I gave up on my dream…

But a few years later, after going back to Brazil on vacation, I realised I was still dreaming of this life in Brazil.


So I started to prepare my action plan to find off the beaten track ways to make this dream a reality.


You don’t have to make the same mistakes and lose a few years to make your dream life come true!


Or worse, make the move abroad the wrong way, and lose time, money and more importantly your peace of mind.

–  I have a simple solution for you  – 

– Introducing –

The Clarity Call

In this call, you’ll:

The Clarity Call is NOT for you if:

The Clarity Call is FOR YOU if:


You will tell your friends how you will make it to France OR you will tell them our new normal makes it impossible for you to have the life of your dream?

You will convince yourself you have tried everything OR you will take an extra step and get this little push to start taking action in your life?

You will give up on this dream because at the end of the day you prefer coming to France just on vacation and do not want to experience the incredible adventure of expatriation?

“A dream without a plan is just a wish”