Something is coming!

I have some good news to tell you: my new project will be released in a few days!

Many of you are asking me questions about this project, don’t worry, you will know EVERYTHING in a very short time.

Don’t forget to check your emails in the next few days (including spam) if you want to be part of the new project.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your answers to the survey and especially for the incredible messages you left me… 

86 responses of great feedback and encouragement!

It’s gratifying, and even (let’s not be afraid of words) moving.
Yes, I was very moved when I read your words, always positive!

Thank you again!

I have read all your answers. One by one.

And the least I can say is that they have been very enriching for me and they helped me greatly to prepare the best offer possible.

Here is what some of you said to me:

“So much to consider. It is overwhelming.”

“A fear that the bureaucracy is too overwhelming to complete successfully.”

“The misleading and incomplete information about visas provided by VFS and by the French government, and the lack of any real, concrete responses when I try to clarify what is needed.”

“Your clear explanations have been very useful to answer questions that otherwise just come from random people sometimes answering on Facebook groups.”

“Your website is very helpful in pointing out the many options, however without the one-to-one telephone conference with you, we would easily have wasted time or made a big mistake on our choice of visas.”

And many of you have the same questions and the same problems. So I have decided to create a project to answer these main challenges.

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I’ll share with you very soon more details about this new project:  

Click on the below link if you WANT TO KNOW MORE about what’s coming next.

Until then, enjoy your week!

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