The 9 steps to request a French entrepreneur visa

First, thank you for being here! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s mini-course. We saw the 4 different visas for entrepreneurs and how they fit into the 27 visas available to move to France. 

These are basically 27 opportunities to make your dream to move to France a reality! 

If you haven’t watched that video I invite you to see it if you want to know more but to summarize, these 27 visas are divided into 4 main categories:

  • the study visas
  • the family visas
  • the non-work visas
  • the work visas (among which you will find the 4 entrepreneur visas that we’ve detailed in the previous mini-course, they will allow you to run or continue your business in France).

Hi, I’m Guiga, a French serial expat. I have made the big international move to Ireland, Argentina, Luxembourg, but also Spain, the UK and Brazil. I have to say making a big move is not a piece of cake. 

I have decided to focus on entrepreneur’s visas because I’ve assisted for over a decade employees from big multinationals and also university researchers to relocate overseas when I was working corporate as a Global Mobility expert

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Also, I myself made the switch from the corporate world to starting my own business. And I can tell you the challenge of being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with being an expat in terms of the type of competencies you need to develop to make it happen, competencies like perseverance, resilience, being able to network, taking risks, being organized…

So I’ve decided to help adventurers like you that don’t get assistance from big corporations, I want to help the expat-preneur that you are to help you make your move to France a reality!

Now that you know which one is the best visa for you, don’t second guess yourself, sometimes second-guessing is just another name for intelligent procrastination. Aren’t we all a bit? You want to focus on the next step: what’s the process to request one of these four entrepreneur visas! And really make the big move happen! 

French administration can be both fearful and full of surprises so this step-by-step process will help you get ready with anticipation to be granted your door opener to your new life in France! 

I know the French bureaucracy can feel sometimes overwhelming and the best way to overcome it is to break the process down into simple actionable steps in the right order. So let’s see…

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