Expat in France YouTube channel launch: My crazy 30-day challenge

What do you do when you’ve been procrastinating for over six months to start something?

“I start it with a crazy (and certainly exhausting) 30-day challenge!”

I’ll be posting one video per day for the next 30 days on my new YouTube channel!

This is pretty challenging for me since I’m not an expert in video edition nor a comedian but I’m super motivated. I hope you will like it!

I did a similar challenge when I launched the blog, but it was lockdown time! If you want to know more about my 30-day blog post challenge, check-out my previous challenge reader’s digest.

I also challenge you, my dear readers! And you may win a nice GIVEAWAY if you make it!

(More details in the below video)!

Some ideas to complete your challenge:

  • Send the link of the Expat in France YouTube channel to your expat friends, or Francophile friends!
  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Like the video (when you do), or dislike when you don’t.
  • And even better, engage with an encouraging or constructive comment 😉

I will post every day on this page the videos from my challenge as a round-up page.

2/30: What you didn't know about tipping in France!

3/30: How to survive a traditional French meal

4/30: What you need to know before making a emergency call in France

5/30: How to use a French cheque

6/30: The French NO attitude

7/30: How much French people make

8/30: Top-up health insurance: The French mutuelle

9/30: 10 weird French laws

10/30: How to get French healthcare: A step-by-step process

11/30: s'90 must-see French movies

12/30: 5 tips to find a long term rental without a guarantor in France

13/30: The 6 work visa to move to France

14/30: 5 tips for a smooth repatriation

15/30: Pain au chocolat vs chocolatine

16/30: Apartment hunting in France: How to get your file accepted

17/30: My best French movies from s'2000

18/30: How to deal with French people rudeness

19/30: How to get the best reimbursement from the Assurance Maladie

20/30: How to support local bookstores and buy online

21/30: Six Instagram accounts to improve your French

22/30: My tips to pack for an expatriation (PART 1)

23/30: Has Arsène Lupin existed?

24/30: The 3 reasons why French women are slimmer

25/30: My real French diet

26/30: 10 things you don't know about France

27/30: Tips to improve your French during lockdown

28/30: How to make friends even during the pandemic

29/30: Pack your suitcase for expatriation (PART 2)

30/30: Do French kids drink alcohol???