About me & contact

Who is Guiga?

My name is Guillemette RONY but I go by Mademoiselle Guiga, or just Guiga.

I’m a French girl from Lyon and I got the travel bug when I was a child!

I have been expatriated for studies, for work and also for love for a total of approximately 9 years so far.

I also have about 10 years of experience working in the Global Mobility industry and helping expatriates in their international relocation, either abroad or in France.

My wish is now to share my passion and help as many people as possible to move to France and ALL IN ENGLISH!

I also want to help you understand French culture, the good and the bad sides.

You will find many resources to make your dream to move to France happen. I hope this will help you!

Not being a native English speaker, I apologise beforehand for the mistakes I may make, I hope you will still understand my point 😉

If you want to know more about me, check out this page.


I receive a high number of requests. 

Please submit your question if you haven’t found the response in the blog posts and the answers to the questions under them.

I will do my best to respond but if you need detailed and personalised assistance you may want to consider booking a Clarity Call with me.