Want to move to France?

Moving overseas is an exciting and challenging project. It can sometimes feel overwhelming when we don’t know where to start.

You will find in this blog many resources to help you organise your move to France but also settle the right way!

My aim is to make the French red tape easier and also help you understand the French culture so you can enjoy your new life in France!

My name is Guillemette, a complicated old French name, but you can call me Guiga.

In short, I’m a French serial expat and I have 15 years of experience in helping expats all over the world. I’m a Global Mobility expert!

Where to start when it comes to moving to France?

Step 1: Take advantage of all the free content on the Blog or the YouTube channel

Step 2: Take the France Visa quiz & get your checklist to start organising your move to France

Step 3: Join an online programme

Expat in France is also an online training space for the most motivated among you.

If you like my work, if you’ve already found it useful thanks to all the content I share. Perhaps you’ll want to put your trust in me and and join one of my online programmes.

You will access private video training courses so that I can guide you step-by step through your big move the France and the sponsor-free visa request process, with a real action plan to put in place.