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Your Formula to make it to France

The France Formula was launched this afternoon!!!

I sent the link to my mailing list, but so that my readers can also take advantage of it, even those who are not on the email list, I am posting this article to give you the link.

For those of you who don’t know yet, France Formula is a training programme that I created following a survey published on this blog. 

The survey responses showed that many of you wanted to come to France as (future) entrepreneurs or freelancers but were held back by the French bureaucracy and the uncertainty of which visa to choose. 

The achievement of your dream to move to France is therefore postponed for fear of doing the wrong choice or being overwhelmed by incomprehensible administrative procedures.

France Formula is designed to help you if you are in this situation, by giving you all the tools in 7 modules: 


Step 1: Set yourself for a successful expatriation

After taking the first section of the France Formula course, with simple guidance you will have a clear idea of where to start, you will create your move to France customized blueprint and know what will be the next steps to make your move happen. 

I will give you my action plan so that you will be able to adapt to your reality.

Step 2: Get the French immigration right

In this module, I will present the four entrepreneurial visas in detail. We will also prepare your visa application file. I will even give you a business plan template and you’ll be fully prepared for your visa interview!

Step 3: Nail the relocation logistics

There is so much to consider in an international move that it can get overwhelming. 

With this anticipated relocation plan, you will gain calm and confidence that you can organise this move to your new French life and a clear action plan.

Step 4: Have a family-friendly move to France

A section special for families! You will be able to request your children’s visa, nail the immigration on arrival and register to French schools, and much more!

Step 5: Welcome to France!

We will nail together the four main areas you need to resolve as soon as you arrive: finding a home, opening a bank account, registering with French healthcare and validating your visa. Plus some extras to make your life easier!

Step 6: Enjoy your French life​

This is all about feeling more at home in your new adoptive country. I’ll give you French insiders’ tips to help you understand the French but also organise your French life.

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Step 7: Your pathway to French citizenship!

We will first prepare our first visa renewal and I’ll give you the strategy to stay long term in France and understand the main conditions you need to fulfil to meet the criteria for long term residency or even the French passport request.

This has just a quick overview, you can find the detailed programme here.

Also, in addition to the 6 bonuses offered to all registrants, a special bonus is given to the first 10 registrants (one hour of one-to-one coaching with me to answer your questions) worth 127€.

There are just a few left, so hurry up!

Registration for the France Formula course will remain open until midnight (Paris time) on 30 September. After that, I will be fully dedicated to giving all registrants everything they need to move to France. 

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