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If you have been reading my blog for some time or if you are receiving my weekly emails, you know that I have been working on a new project for adventurers like you!

I want to help you fulfil your dream of building a new life in France the way I have done it in 6 countries, and still hope to do it (I’m an eternal expat! This is the best virus and I know it will always be part of me ;).

So I have put together an ambitious programme for you! But only if you are in search of a way to make your plan to move to France a reality.

I have tried to include as many suggestions that I have already received in the survey.

I know some of you won’t find what you are looking for since I narrowed the programme down to (future) entrepreneurs and freelancers. But if I want to give a service of quality I had to narrow it down. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to work on something new after some time?

So if you are a (future) entrepreneur or freelancer and plan to move to France, or if you just want to give your input, I’d love to have your feedback on the detailed programme of the training course I have been working on.

You can leave your comment under this post. Thank you so much for your valuable contribution!

I really want it to match what you really need!

And stay tuned as I will be sharing more information for expat entrepreneurs in the next few days!

Step 1: Set yourself for a successful expatriation

After taking the first section of the France Formula course, with simple guidance you will have a clear idea of where to start, you will create your move to France customized blueprint and know what will be the next steps to make your move happen. 

I will give you my action plan so that you will be able to adapt to your reality. After taking this module, you will:

  • Confirm your expat mindset (essential for a successful experience)
  • Set up your saving budget
  • Prepare a clear projection of your overall relocation cost & your life in France cost
  • Identify your relocation timeline 
  • Decide where you want to live in France and run your business

Step 2: Get the French immigration right

French bureaucracy and more specifically French immigration can be fearful. I will give you insight into how the French administration thinks and will tell you the most common mistakes that lead to visa refusals. After taking this course you will:

  • Understand what is expected of you and how to present your most successful visa application request file.
  • Identify which of the 4 entrepreneurial visas is appropriate to your situation between:
    • The Profession Libérale / Entrepreneur visa
    • The Talent-Passport Entrepreneur visa
    • The Talent-Passport Innovative Business Project visa
    • The Talent-Passport Artistic Profession visa
  • Prepare your best visa request file with detailed guidance for each entrepreneur visa (including a provided business plan framework)
  • Know what to expect and how to prepare yourself for your visa request interview
  • Avoid the most common mistakes done by expats leading to visa refusals

Step 3: Nail the relocation logistics

There is so much to consider in an international move that it can get overwhelming. 

With this anticipated relocation plan, you will gain calm and confidence that you can organise this move to your new French life. After taking this course, you will:

  • Tidy up your home country life and won’t forget any essential relocation-related documents or processes.
  • Have your action plan ready
  • Anticipate the French bureaucracy and prepare the vital documents you will need in France for your coming administrative processes.

Step 4: Have a family-friendly move

An international move with a family can sometimes be more stressful as we want to make it the best experience for our children.

Children have amazing adaptability skills, however, there are several elements that you need to take into account and anticipate to make it the best possible experience for them. After taking this module, you will:

  • Know how to request your children’s visa and the necessary immigration procedure once arrived
  • Know what are your options in terms of schooling
  •  Understand the French schooling system and how to register your child into a French public school
  • Understand your childcare options

Step 5: Welcome to France!

Congratulations! You got your visa and made it to France! Bienvenue!

This is an important milestone!

However, there are still a few you need to nail to make France feel like home. This second part of this course will give you the keys to making France your new home. After taking this section of the course you will be ready to nail the 4 main areas to manage on arrival:

  1. Finding a new home:
    • Know the expat traps and tips to find your new home (especially without a French permanent contract)
    • Understand how the French rental market works
    • Put together your best rental application for success
  2. Go through all the necessary immigration processes on arrival
    • How to validate your visa (or request the appropriate residence permit – when applicable)
    • Understand your visa/residence permit rights and obligations
  3. Open a French bank account (personal and/or professional), with special tips if you get rejected
  4. A step-by-step guide to register with French healthcare – yourself and your family
    • with Assurance Maladie, the French healthcare available for entrepreneurs (not including MSA for farmers or the Alsace-Lorraine region specificities)


  • Know which compulsory insurance you need to contract and how to choose them.
  • Understand the main steps you need to go through and the possible assistance you can get as an entrepreneur in France. (Basic information that does not replace the advice of a chartered accountant or business consultant)

Step 6: Enjoy your French life

You are done with your arrival French red tape, and you can start enjoying the French life you have been dreaming about for so long! However, you might still feel awkward or uncomfortable in your day-to-day life. In this section you will:

  • Get my personal and professional tips to help you going through the expat roller-coaster of the integration journey
  • Receive my tips and free resources to improve your French to help you in your social and professional integration
  • Get my French insider tips on how the French think and behave to help you navigate the Frenchness
  • Receive my recipe for building your support system abroad 

Step 7: Get on the pathway to long term residency and even French citizenship!

Step-by-step you are making France your new home. And you want to have the option to stay longer if you want to. If this is your wish, there is a way to do it. After taking this course, you will:

  • Know the mistakes to avoid if you want to stay in France long-term
  • Know how to prepare your visa/permit renewal request file with detailed guidance for each entrepreneur visa 
  • Have clarity on your long term plan that will help you stay in France long-term with a 10-year residence card or the French passport.

I have tried to include the unavoidable steps of an international relocation.

If I have left something out or forgotten any element, please let me know in the comments below. I will include it if I can and if I see that it is requested by several people.

Many thanks again for your contribution! This is very much appreciated!


  • Jack

    As an EU citizen and expat in France what I am most interested in are things like: Carte Vitale and the significance of a ‘mutuelle’; dentists, opticians and the organisation of health professionals; what aspects of things are managed by the Mairie vs Prefecture; voting; the timing and completion of tax returns; calling the police; what to do if you have a car accident, etc; Using public transport, travel cards, discount cards etc; what happens when an auto entrepreneur retires; how to change your driving license.

    • Mademoiselle Guiga

      Hello Jack,
      Many thanks for all these additions.
      Indeed they are very useful for day-to-day life.
      The healthcare system is pretty much covered and I will include a section explaining the role of the main French administration and some other elements you have mentioned. Thank you so much!

    • Nic

      Have you included info for those who wish to buy a home instead of rent? This process may be more intricate and it would be great to have such info.

      What about French language skills needed to ace interviews and speak with officials? What kind of training in this area would you recommend?

      • Mademoiselle Guiga

        Thank you Nic for your comment! These are great additions! (You have read my mind!)
        The information on the process to buy a property is planned when I improve the course. I know many expats buy a property in France and the process is tricky. But the large majority of expats start with renting first before investing in French real estate.
        Of course, the first to join will have access to the added modules.
        Also, acquiring French language skills are an important part of integration in France and will definitely help a lot! Useful addition regarding French learning will be done in version 2 of the course (again these additions will be available for the First France Formula class;)
        Thanks again for your contribution!

  • Elijah

    Hi, I’d suggest to add information about taxes, social charges, building a company in France, and all the costs and procedures related to business that an entrepreneur will have to follow in France.

    • Mademoiselle Guiga

      Hello Elijah,
      Yes, that’s right. Thank you for your suggestion!
      I will include the first layer of information regarding social charges, and the steps to undertake. However, it is also essential to see an accountant, even before leaving for France 😉 This first layer of information can help to ask the right questions to an accountant too!

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