How I found a job abroad thanks to networking?

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How to get a job abroad before moving? You are dreaming to move to France. You have responded to numerous job ads, you have spent your evenings writing cover letters, maybe even in French, and you scan daily the douzaine of websites you are receiving job openings. But nothing! No response, not even a rejection! Is the French job market so difficult? You know there is a solution (or maybe not, but you soon will) but you think it can’t help you as a foreigner. This is where you are wrong!

Moving to France before Brexit: What you need to know

moving to France before Brexit

You are British and have lived in France for some time or Brexit rushed your life plans to make the big move you have been dreaming of for some time? Moving to France before Brexit, or more accurately before the end of the transition period on December 31, 2020, will give you access to the new residence permit and its specific advantages

How to support your local bookstore and buy online?

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Did you know you could buy books from an online bookstore in France and support your local shops? Buying online has become a habit for many of us, and even more when we are forced to stay at home. Finding convenient ways to consume is useful but finding ethical and convenient ways to consume is even better! Let’s find out how we can keep buying our books online and still support our local bookstore.

The top things learnt being an expat in France

The top things learnt being an expat in France

I’m happy to present you the first edition of the Expat in France linky. The goal of this linky is to gather expat bloggers views living in France on a specific topic. This month’s topic is The Top Things I’ve Learnt Being an Expat in France. Moving abroad is not a fairy tale and it is full of challenges. It makes it a great opportunity to learn about a new culture but also about ourselves. Let’s see what our first bloggers shared with us.

How to stay in France after studies (and research work)?

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You first came to France to study and you are dreaming to stay in France and make a living here. If you have graduated with a French diploma, your dream may come true! I’ll tell you how you can stay in France after studies with a specific visa granting you the right to work for one year ever before you find your first job to sponsor your permit!