The 6 French work visas to move to France

work visa

Do you want to come to work and live in France?

If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to have a French work visa to live this experience. It can sometimes be confusing to know which one matches your situation. I have listed for you the 6 different work visas available with their main criteria and advantages.

These are only the visas with work as the main motive for the visa request. 

How to secure the Profession Liberale visa?

France entrepreneur visa

Do you want to create your business in France? The Profession Liberale visa allows freelance work in France. You won’t need to find an employer to sponsor your visa. You will even have access to a multiple year permit! And if you follow the process correctly, it can even become your pathway to a French passport. It is a great chance to make your dream of living in France come true. It takes a bit of effort, but it is worth it!

Moving to France before Brexit: What you need to know

moving to France before Brexit

You are British and have lived in France for some time or Brexit rushed your life plans to make the big move you have been dreaming of for some time? Moving to France before Brexit, or more accurately before the end of the transition period on December 31, 2020, will give you access to the new residence permit and its specific advantages

How to stay in France after studies (and research work)?

live in France

You first came to France to study and you are dreaming to stay in France and make a living here. If you have graduated with a French diploma, your dream may come true! I’ll tell you how you can stay in France after studies with a specific visa granting you the right to work for one year ever before you find your first job to sponsor your permit!

The French spouse visa: Everything you need to know!

marrying in France

You have been dating your French partner for some time now and you are planning to move to France? In bi-national relationships, expatriation and marriage are often the only way to continue making plans together in the long term. I will detail for you the main options to request a French spouse visa whether you are already married or planning to marry your French lover.

How to come to France and do research?

Passeport talent researcher

If you are a researcher and you want to come to France? Your laboratory has a project with a French laboratory or you have been invited by a French laboratory or University to conduct research and/or teach? You are a PhD student and have a French work contract to finance your studies? And in all these cases you have been provided with THE door opener to come as a researcher to France.