The French spouse visa: Everything you need to know!

marrying in France

You have been dating your French partner for some time now and you are planning to move to France? In bi-national relationships, expatriation and marriage are often the only way to continue making plans together in the long term. I will detail for you the main options to request a French spouse visa whether you are already married or planning to marry your French lover.

How to get your EU Blue Card and work in France?


The European Blue Card is one of the Talent Passport residence permits in France. The EU Blue Card or Carte Bleue Européenne in French has been implemented following the EU regulations to attract foreign high potentials to the European job market. Let’s see if it applies to you and its particularities.

How to come to France and do research?


If you are a researcher and you want to come to France? Your laboratory has a project with a French laboratory or you have been invited by a French laboratory or University to conduct research and/or teach? You are a PhD student and have a French work contract to finance your studies? And in all these cases you have been provided with THE door opener to come as a researcher to France.