Crepe day in France: another French delight

crepe day in France

After digesting the Christmas feast, the numerous King’s cakes in January, February starts with Crepe day in France on Candlemas! Crepes are popular any day of the year, but on Feb 2nd is an unofficial National Crepe day in France. But why do French people eat crepes on Candlemas?

My Grandma’s tart Tatin recipe

Tarte Tatin

My Grandma’s tart Tatin recipe  (Tarte Tatin) Much ink has been spilt over the origin of the tart Tatin. It even seems the story was made up to make it famous at the beginning of the 20th century!  Stéphanie and Caroline Tatin were running a Hotel-restaurant in the Sologne region.  The hotel Tatin even had the honour of being mentioned in the first Guide Michelin Edition

My grandma’s Gougère recipe

My grandma's Gougère recipe

My grandma’s Gougère recipe (cheese choux pastry)   If you have travelled to Burgundy, you may have tried the Gougère, small cheese puffs, that French people usually have with an aperitif. I will share with you my grandma‘s Gougère recipe!

My grandma’s Savoie cake recipe

Gateau de Savoie

My grandma’s Savoie cake recipe (Gâteau de Savoie)   This is THE family recipe of a very traditional cake from the region of Savoie, in the French Alps. This is my grandma’s region, and I think she got this recipe from her mother.