Navarin of lamb: My mum’s recipe inspired by Paul Bocuse

The Navarin of lamb is a traditional French recipe from the region around Paris. This is a typical spring and summer dish, with seasonal vegetables. My mum’s version of the famous French chef Paul Bocuse recipe. This lamb stew is always a success!


Navarin of lamb

Navarin of lamb: a historical name


This lam stew’s name comes from a famous battle opposing the Ottoman Empire against the 3 allies of France, the UK and Russia in October 1827 in the Bay of Navarin in today’s independent Greece.



Ingredients for the best Navarin of lamb


1kg lamb cut in big pieces: neck, leg, flank (ask the butcher to cut the meat for a Navarin)

8 carrots in a bundle

8 white turnips

12 fresh onions

200g of fresh mangetouts (or snow peas – US & AU)

200g green peas

10 middle size potatoes (New or Grenaille recommended)

8 fresh garlic cloves or 4 dry

75g tomato paste

½ litter chicken stock

3 dessertspoons of coarse salt

1 tablespoon of floor


1 bouquet garni (with 1 sprig of fresh rosemary, 1 sprig of fresh thyme, 2 bay leaves)

40g of butter (or olive oil depending on your taste)

25 cl of dry white wine



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It would do a great apero snack!



My mum’s preparation inspired by Paul Bocuse recipe

Cuisine des regions de France


The vegetable preparation


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Navarin of lamb vegetables


Peel and wash all the vegetables. String the mangetouts. Keep a small part of the carrot stems for a nicer fresh style.

Cut the spring onion stems (do not throw the stems away: you can slice them and freeze them. They will go perfectly in a French omelette!).

Steam the mangetouts and the green peas for 5 to 8 minutes depending on how big and thick the mangetouts are. Keep them crunchy.

Put on the side and we will integrate them to the dish at the end.



The lamb meat preparation


The neck is a bony part of the lamb that will remain whole during the slow cooking. It is also very affordable. The leg of lamb is the star cut of the lamb. More expensive and very savoury and tender, it is a delight. It is recommended to have more than one type of cut varying the pleasures.


Lamb cuts
The lamb cuts


1 – L‘épaule 5 – Le collier
2 – La poitrine et less basses côtes 6 – Le collier
3 – Hautes côtes 7 – La selle
4 – Côtes découverte  8 – Gigot raccourci


Brown the meat with half of the butter in a casserole dish (Le Creuset style that is oven proof). Add the crushed garlic and the tomato paste. Simmer, stirring for a few minutes.


Take out the meat pieces and put them on the side. Then, brown the flour with the meat juice and add the white wine and whisk until the wine has evaporated. Add the meat to the sauce with the bouquet garni.

Cook for 45 minutes in the oven at 180°C or on the stove at medium heat.

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Cut the turnip in half, as well as the carrots if necessary. Brown the vegetables in a pan in the rest of the butter with some salt.


Add the vegetables to the meat once the first 45 minutes are completed. Take one ladle of the sauce to deglaze the pan and add it to the casserole.


The sauce shouldn’t be too liquid and should just cover the vegetable and the meat. Cook on medium fire for 30 minutes.


Add the potatoes, cut in half if needed and check the seasoning. Cook for another 45 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, skim the fat off. Then integrate the mangetouts and the peas, simmer for a few minutes. Taste the result and take out the bouquet garni!


It is ready to serve with some freshly sizzled parsley


The Navarin goes greatly with a good young dry red wine such as a Pomerol, a Côtes du Rhône Village or many others.


The Tart Tatin would be a perfect dessert to finish this traditional French meal! Another of my grandma’s recipe.


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Navarin of lamb



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