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How to stay in France after studies (and research work)?

You first came to France to study and you are dreaming to stay in France and make a living here. If you have graduated with a French diploma, your dream may come true! Iā€™ll tell you how you can stay in France after studies with a specific visa granting you the right to work for one year ever before you find your first job to sponsor your permit!


A French tax returnĀ guide for expat

ThisĀ isĀ thisĀ timeĀ of theĀ yearĀ again, one that no one likes but that everyĀ adultĀ hasĀ to go throughā€¦theĀ annualĀ tax returnā€¦Ā BeingĀ anĀ expat in France makes the French tax return even more challenging! Some useful tips for you before you call a tax advisor.


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