A French tax return guide for expat

This is this time of the year again, one that no one likes but that every adult has to go through…the annual tax return… Being an expat in France makes the French tax return even more challenging! Some useful tips for you before you call a tax advisor.

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Start a business in France

The 3 sponsor-free visas to start a business in France

You want to start a business in France, or maybe continue your current business activity from France? These are the four France entrepreneur visas to create a business in France, plus two extras! Whether you are a start-upper, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an artist, there is a France entrepreneur visa for you to start your new venture in France!

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Teach English in France

Teaching English in France opens a land of opportunity. If you want to come to France I have a solution for you, and I know all about it! Guiga invited me to share with you my experience as a teacher. I hope this can help you.

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10 steps to taking pets to France

When relocating, you want to make sure you can take your pet to France with you as a pet owner.
The process is quite straight forward but there is still a bit of bureaucracy to take care of. And like with everything with international relocation, anticipation will be key to bringing your pet successfully.

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