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My baby is turning 6 months today!

Six months ago, on 1st April 2020 exactly, I launched Expat in France website! My baby is 6 months old today! I have been wanting to start my own project for a few years now, without knowing how or even what to do. I now feel that Expat in France is giving me purpose …

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marrying in France

The French spouse visa: Everything you need to know!

You have been dating your French partner for some time now and you are planning to move to France? In bi-national relationships, expatriation and marriage are often the only way to continue making plans together in the long term. I will detail for you the main options to request a French spouse visa whether you are already married or planning to marry your French lover.

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Free French classes in France

How to learn French for free in France?

Mastering French is often one of the big challenges for expats arriving in France. Speaking some French will facilitate your integration and your daily life. Taking language classes is often a budget, so I have listed for you some good deals and tips to find free French classes in France.

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French rudeness

How to deal with French people rudeness?

You have experienced some French rudeness since you live in France and you may not always know what triggered this reaction and how to react… I’m giving you my tips as a French person. This is the way I personally act to avoid rudeness and also defend myself. These are not infallible rules, but they can help you to understand the French mentality, how to navigate the Frenchness and not get off on the wrong foot.

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Birth allowance

How to get child benefit in France

Relocating with a family to France can be very costly and many expat do not expect that they can receive child benefit in France to help with many different types of family related expenses. I explain the main family subsidies you can claim from CAF, the requirements and how much to expect.

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France school lunches

Everything you need to know about the France school lunches

Taste and eating well and healthy is considered as a skill that we learn in France. It’s something mainly taught at home but also reinforced during the school lunches. You may have heard about the France schools lunches but you don’t know what to expect for this “rentrée” for your children or even how to get them registered, the French school canteen is explained here.

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