Teach English in France

Teaching English in France opens a land of opportunity. If you want to come to France I have a solution for you, and I know all about it! Guiga invited me to share with you my experience as a teacher. I hope this can help you.

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10 steps to taking pets to France

When relocating, you want to make sure you can take your pet to France with you as a pet owner.
The process is quite straight forward but there is still a bit of bureaucracy to take care of. And like with everything with international relocation, anticipation will be key to bringing your pet successfully.

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How to get a place in a crèche for your baby

The most popular form of childcare in France is always the same: the crèche. However, barely 10% of children under the age of 3 are cared for at a crèche. So how are places allocated? What are your chances? Getting a place can be a real struggle! Here are some tips to help you meet this challenge.

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live in France

How to stay in France after studies (and research work)?

You first came to France to study and you are dreaming to stay in France and make a living here. If you have graduated with a French diploma, your dream may come true! I’ll tell you how you can stay in France after studies with a specific visa granting you the right to work for one year ever before you find your first job to sponsor your permit!

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