Expat life in London

Why do I help expats relocate to France?

Whether you have been reading my blog for some time or just discovering me, you might be wondering, but why does this woman spend hours writing blog posts to help expats about relocating to France? Well, before I answer this question, let me tell you a little bit more about me. Who is behind the Expat in France blog?

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life in france

How to get a France long term visa?

You are planning to spend an extended period in France? You may need to apply for a France long term visa. Depending on the purpose of your travel, the France long term visa, also called the France visitor visa, might be your best option. Let’s see why, for who, and how! 

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expat depression

How to prevent expat depression: 5 crucial hacks you need to know

I’m thrilled to have Emilie Marie Berge writing for us about her experience on a difficult experience…
This is a real side of expatriation too few of us dare to share out loud, but so many expats suffer from it… The expat depression.
It is essential to be aware of it, as knowing more about it can help dealing with it or even avoid it sometimes.

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Network in France

How to level up your business network in France

Are you in France looking for a job or maybe wanting to change jobs, or planning to move and are looking for a job remotely?

You may have been browsing the web in search of job ads for foreigners or in English. But, have you considered using the networking strategy to find the right fit for you? More than 70% of jobs are filled thanks to a professional network in France! So you’ll be missing out on many opportunities if you didn’t.

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