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The 6 French work visas to move to France

Do you want to come to work and live in France?

If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to have a French work visa to live this experience. It can sometimes be confusing to know which one matches your situation. I have listed for you the 6 different work visas available with their main criteria and advantages.

These are only the visas with work as the main motive for the visa request. 

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French cheque

How to use a French cheque the right way?

Did you know French people still use their chequebook on a regular basis? It can also be useful for you to have a chequebook, you’ll understand why in this post. Let’s also see the pros and cons of using a French cheque (French check) and the rules you wouldn’t expect and of course how to write a cheque in French!

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crepe day in France

Crepe day in France: another French delight

After digesting the Christmas feast, the numerous King’s cakes in January, February starts with Crepe day in France on Candlemas! Crepes are popular any day of the year, but on Feb 2nd is an unofficial National Crepe day in France. But why do French people eat crepes on Candlemas?

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