Crepe day in France: another French delight

crepe day in France

After digesting the Christmas feast, the numerous King’s cakes in January, February starts with Crepe day in France on Candlemas! Crepes are popular any day of the year, but on Feb 2nd is an unofficial National Crepe day in France. But why do French people eat crepes on Candlemas?

How to support your local bookstore and buy online?

read during lockdown

Did you know you could buy books from an online bookstore in France and support your local shops? Buying online has become a habit for many of us, and even more when we are forced to stay at home. Finding convenient ways to consume is useful but finding ethical and convenient ways to consume is even better! Let’s find out how we can keep buying our books online and still support our local bookstore.

How to deal with French people rudeness?

French rudeness

You have experienced some French rudeness since you live in France and you may not always know what triggered this reaction and how to react… I’m giving you my tips as a French person. This is the way I personally act to avoid rudeness and also defend myself. These are not infallible rules, but they can help you to understand the French mentality, how to navigate the Frenchness and not get off on the wrong foot.

My Grandma’s tart Tatin recipe

Tarte Tatin

My Grandma’s tart Tatin recipe  (Tarte Tatin) Much ink has been spilt over the origin of the tart Tatin. It even seems the story was made up to make it famous at the beginning of the 20th century!  Stéphanie and Caroline Tatin were running a Hotel-restaurant in the Sologne region.  The hotel Tatin even had the honour of being mentioned in the first Guide Michelin Edition